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Nowadays there are many who are wondering if it still makes sense to invest in real estate market. In fact, there is much news, especially over the last decade that has greatly discouraged those who wished to invest in this field. In reality, at a historical level, real estate has never experienced particular uncertainties, especially when compared with other markets, whose investments were certainly more uncertain.

Although the difficulties given by political and cultural contexts can actually influence the economy and specifically this sector, they are not sufficient to define an unsafe real estate investment. To date, in fact, it actually remains the most valid of all.  It is enough to know how to choose carefully in order to optimize your resources and maximize the investment you are going to make. Therefore, investing in real estate still represents a truly safe investment today and above all in the future.

Why Invest in Real Estate?

In this precise historical moment, there are some factors that act decisively in a favorable way both for those who want to buy a property for residential purposes , and consequently for those who want to invest their savings in this sector . One of the main reasons can be found in the fact that, to date, mortgage rates on real estate are at their all-time low. Thanks to a series of convergences, which contributed to determining the crisis in the real estate market, the approach taken by credit institutions is to increasingly favor the purchase of a property, encouraging it through much more mortgage policies with ease. 

Thanks to the certainly more favorable conditions for those who find themselves taking out the mortgage, this has naturally translated into a greater inclination in buying a first or second home. Here, therefore, is that the rates of such advantageous mortgages represent a fundamental component for those who are considering making the choice of real estate investments.

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Knowing how to invest correctly in the real estate sector requires careful monitoring, especially at the level of identifying the area that shows the greatest potential. This aspect is of crucial importance for determining the success of an investment: even the house with the best finishes and in theory most salable in terms of the number of rooms and fundamental accessories could end up being difficult to sell if the area is not correct.

Some elements to be taken into consideration to evaluate the attractiveness of an area is the presence of fundamental services such as an efficient public transport service, food shops and commercial establishments important for daily life. Other factors include the tranquility of the area, the presence of greenery and key road links – all of these are crucial in determining how well a neighborhood can attract potential residents.

invest in real estate

At the level of the building market, another very important aspect to consider in order to understand how much buying a property represents a safe investment is found in the fact that house prices are really the lowest recorded in a few decades now. A determining factor to understand if an investment is profitable is given by the purchase at a price that is below the average. Considering that the prices on the market are so low in this particular historical moment, it is easy to understand how this already represents a good starting point in itself, which can give a great incentive to conclude excellent deals.

As can be seen from what has just been examined, the real estate market is in sharp recovery and is enjoying a new vigor. After a few years in which the sector has experienced a period of stagnation that has ended up discouraging those who had liquidity to invest in the purchase of properties, thanks to a changed and more ‘lively’ context, today real estate investments are much safer. 

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invest in real estate

Obviously, an aspect to always keep in mind is to try to understand what the needs of the market are and how they could change, which is fundamental in anticipating favorable contexts as well as potential disturbing ‘elements’. Interpreting the signals coming from the social and economic context proves to be a key factor in generating income when you invest in real estate. Finally, we must not forget that the property always represents not only a primary but also an indispensable asset: this is why the real estate sector is the safest for an investor.

For all those who would like to invest in real estate and are looking for a level consultancy, SDG Realties offers a series of suitable services, which allow you to generate a complete overview, rich in all the information that is fundamental in order to make a safe investment. To find out all the guidelines and start your real estate strategy, contact us to learn more and for those who wish to request professional advice.

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