Property Finder: Another Professional in the Real Estate Sector

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The professions over the years have evolved to better meet the needs of their reference market and the real estate sector is no exception. Some changes have affected the way you communicate and promote yourself as a real estate agent, especially after the introduction of real estate social media marketing ; others, on the other hand, affect the type of service that you have to offer your customers, which is increasingly complex and high.

Many changes are questioning the very nature of the real estate profession. This is evidenced by the increasing spread of a new professional figure in the real estate sector: the property finder. It proposes a totally different approach in the management of the real estate sales activity.

New Trends in Real Estate Activities

Attention shifts totally towards the figure of the buyer

In this sort of evolution, or change of perspective, the real estate agent literally becomes a “property hunter”. For a long time, in fact, the real estate broker within the real estate process took into account both the seller – right from the acquisition stages – and the possible buyers, while the property finder maintains working relationships only with those who have to buy it. 

The latter has represented, for some years now, an opportunity to expand the range of services that a real estate agent offers to its customers , but above all to diversify them, intercepting a growing slice of the real estate market.

New buyers are more aware and have greater decision-making power

Understanding, therefore, who a property finder is and what he does , can help you understand more closely the transformations that affect your sector and evaluate whether this, in particular, represents a possibility of growth for your profession.

This takes the form of having a more active role in the real estate process; becoming an agent specialized in proposing to those in search and not limited to intermediation.

 Who is the property finder?

The property finder is a professional who looks for and finds properties on behalf of a buyer. Although it is little known in Nigeria, the figure of house hunter (now called property finder) was born in America in the early 90s, and then spread to Europe (initially France and England), Canada and Australia, where he quickly consolidated his role in real estate.

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In our country, this profession has started to spread even more, which has greatly expanded the activities that a real estate agent can carry out. In many cases, it is the same (former) real estate agents who decide to change their specialization, transforming themselves from intermediaries to real estate consultants.

In other cases, however, they are surveyors, architects, engineers or financial promoters, who act as partisan consultants without however having the right to collect the commission, due only to licensed real estate agents. In particular, a property finder only takes care of the interests of those who want to buy a property.

 Skills and Activities of a Property Finder

A property finder, in addition to being a real estate professional with considerable experience, must be specialized in the search for properties intended for purchase or lease, with a deep knowledge of the area in which it operates. Let’s see what a property finding professional does in detail:

1. He only manages customers who have to buy by taking care of their interests.

2. He does not have acquired properties for sale to manage, but starts from the needs of its client to carry out the research and find the property to be proposed.

3. Deals with a few customers at the same time.

Differences between a real estate agent and a property finder

The main difference between a real estate agent and a property hunter is precisely in the type of customers that these two figures take care of in the real estate process. In fact, while aspects such as the management of the customer’s indecision or any conflicts are almost unchanged between the two, as for the rest, a sort of inversion occurs.

A traditional real estate agency deals exclusively with the properties it has acquired; that is, those in its database and for which it has received a sales order. His interest, therefore, is not to look for a property with the characteristics required by those who want to buy, but to propose and sell one of those entrusted to him by his clients that is, the sellers.

Those who deal with property finding, however, put themselves at the service of those who have to buy and from whom they receive an official research assignment, offering a personalized service. Only from the buyer and customer, usually, he receives the commission in case of a positive conclusion (which coincides with the purchase) of the search for the “perfect” property.

 Why and how to become a property finder

Considering changing your profession as a real estate agent and becoming a property finder can be a stimulating step in your professional growth process. This is especially true if you have a long experience in the real estate sector, so that you can take advantage of it in a new and different way.

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Obviously, it is necessary that you make your due evaluations, considering your vocations and those of your agency, as well as the possibilities that your territory can offer you in this sense. In addition, you must take into account that to start the property finding business, you must still invest part of your time and money in training and updating.

 In addition to the fact that has been mentioned, in order to carry out the property finding activity, it is mandatory to have the license to practice the profession of real estate agent .

With that said, let’s see what benefits you can get from this activity:

  • Acquisition of a growing slice of the market which is still little known in Nigeria
  • Good remuneration
  • Few specialized figures
  • Different clientele

This last point is important to evaluate, given that it demands concrete buyers with  medium-high financial capacity . In addition, you will have to manage a few customers at a time, focusing more on the quality than the quantity of services you offer. The main task of a property finder is to put the demands and needs of its customer at the center.

To obtain the best results, moreover, you must invest in the quality of what you can offer, expanding it, to guarantee a tailor-made offer. It is essential, in the same way, to take advantage of all the property promotion channels you have available to intercept your potential customers. The main job, to become a client’s real estate “personal shopper “, is to get to know your buyer in depth (financial availability, motivation to buy, housing needs, etc.).

Finally, you must also be able to help and guide your customer in the decision-making phase of the purchase, becoming a reference point to make the choice that leads him to buy the most suitable property. In fact, it is up to you to take stock of the situation, having collected all the information on the properties viewed, in order to make a concrete comparison between the different possibilities of properties you have proposed.

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Not to mention that you will have to show off all your best qualities as a real estate expert, to negotiate with the seller (or with those who care for his interests) for the benefit of the buyer. Those looking for a property to buy must face a long and tortuous path before finding their dream home. Times are often long, with a great expenditure of time and energy, up to the conquest of the property to buy.

Furthermore, research often confronts various interlocutors, various agencies and innumerable visits. In this sense, the property finder can be the best solution to intercept the needs of new property buyers.

Here are the main reasons why more and more buyers rely on property finders to find a home:

1. One interlocutor, avoiding contacting multiple real estate agencies.

2. Personalized home search service, in order to save time by viewing only the proposals that meet your needs;

3. Have a professional available throughout the purchasing process, who will also take care of all the bureaucratic tasks;

4. Search field of the largest property

Therefore, if you are a property finder or buyer that is looking forward to get the best real estate deals, do contact us to know more about our offers.

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